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For Two Funds, 2011 Is Not Deja Vu All Over Again

Two stock funds that trailed most of their peers in 2008 have beaten most of them in the recent sell-off.

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Policymakers around the world are squabbling ineffectually over how to head off impending financial and economic calamity; volatile markets are rattling investors' portfolios and bones. No wonder many are asking if the fall of 2011 is a rerun of the awful autumn of 2008. So far this year, however, a couple of fairly well-known stock mutual funds and their managers have been able to answer no, at least in relative terms.

No one would like to relive 2008, but these funds, their skippers, and the investors who remain with them probably are especially eager to avoid a repeat. They each did more terribly than 90% or more of their peers in one of the worst years ever for stocks. So far in this anxious campaign, however, they've turned the tables and ranked ahead of 90% of their category rivals at the start of the fourth quarter. Here's a quick look at the funds and how they've done it.

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