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Five Buying Opportunities From Our Upcoming Stocks Forum

Management from these undervalued wide- and narrow-moat stocks will be presenting at our fifth annual event.

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In an uncertain and volatile economic environment, rather than shying away from investing, we at Morningstar think the market provides a wide array of promising wide- and narrow-moat companies for investors to consider. Many of these companies will be speaking at our 5th Annual Stocks Forum in early November. While we wait to hear from several C-level employees, we'd like to preview some of the participating firms that look attractive to us today.

Before delving into the companies, it is important to understand Morningstar's investment approach. We think buying wide- or narrow-moat stocks at a discount is a great long-term strategy. You can own a piece of a business with competitive advantages that will allow the firm to earn excess returns on capital well into the future, while benefiting from additional price appreciation as the market recognizes that underlying value.

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