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A Glimpse Into the Boardroom

Our Insider pages show you which companies may be getting cozy.

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There are substantial and sometimes surprising overlaps with companies' boards of directors. You can get a peak into connections that sometimes look too close for comfort using our new Insiders pages. Click on a board member's name to view connections to other companies and board members. We uncovered some interesting tidbits from these pages.

 Apple (AAPL) and  Google  (GOOG) were recently in focus for potential conflicts of interest regarding their boards. Google CEO Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple's board Aug. 3, 2009. The remaining overlapping member, Arthur Levinson, resigned from Google's board Oct. 12. The Federal Trade Commission had been investigating whether the overlapping board members raised antitrust issues.

Now, Google's board still includes the CEO and president of  Intel  (INTC), Paul Otellini, and shares a board member, John Doerr, with  Amazon  (AMZN).

Apple's board includes the chairman of  Intuit  (INTU), William Campbell.

Meanwhile, Apple chairman and CEO Steve Jobs has sat on  Walt Disney's (DIS) board since 2006. Disney's board also includes the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, and shares a member with  Procter & Gamble  (PG).

Procter & Gamble's board includes former vice president Dick Cheney and the CEO of  Archer Daniels Midland  (ADM), Patricia Woertz. The board shares two members with  Xerox  (XRX), and also overlaps with  IBM  (IBM), Amazon,  eBay  (EBAY),  Verizon  (VZ), and  Motorola  (MOT).

 Johnson & Johnson  (JNJ) also shares two board members with Xerox. In addition, J&J CEO William Weldon serves on the board of  J.P. Morgan Chase  (JPM).

IBM's president and CEO, Samuel Palmisano, also serves on the boards of  ExxonMobil  (XOM) and  Gannett  (GCI). IBM shares two board members with  Eli Lilly  (LLY) and two with  Alcoa  (AA).

 Microsoft's (MSFT) board includes  Netflix's (NFLX) CEO, Reed Hastings. Several of Microsoft's board members serve on multiple boards, such as those of  Accenture  (ACN),  PepsiCo  (PEP), and  Seagate  (STX).

 Dell's (DELL) board includes  Adobe  (ADBE) president and CEO Shantanu Narayen. Dell's board also shares two members with  Pfizer's (PFE) board.

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