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Stock Analyst Update

Thinking of Buying? Here Are Our Best Ideas

If you have the stomach for shopping, take this list with you.

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Are you feeling sick to your stomach after this past week? Obviously you're not alone. A crash like the one we've experienced over the past few weeks is a rare event in the market. The deleveraging and liquidation cycle is feeding upon itself, but at some point this process will end, and we will find a bottom. We may be getting close given that many high-quality businesses trade at very attractive valuations, but your guess is as good as mine as to when we hit the proverbial "bottom." When the bottom comes, it won't be heralded by trumpets, so we're unlikely to time it perfectly.

Instead, if you have both the capital and emotional fortitude to start picking away at bargains, this is probably not a bad time to begin spacing out some purchases. As of Thursday evening, there were nearly 800 5-star rated stocks in Morningstar's coverage universe. It is nearly impossible to sort through and differentiate among such as vast number, so to streamline your research process, we've put together a list of our current favorites. This list was assembled with one goal in mind: These are truly outstanding businesses that will do well over time and have the financial resources to weather a major global downturn. If you want to go shopping, take this list with you.

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