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A Peek Inside Our Fund Analysts' Portfolios

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Every so often a Morningstar fund analyst pens an article about how we're investing our own money. We've found that our readers like to peek into our portfolios, given that we spend our days providing objective fund advice.

Last year I wrote an article about investing for our kids' education. In it I noted that my wife and I had purchased the concentrated, all-stock  Ariel Appreciation (CAAPX) fund in a Coverdell account for our daughter, which contrasted with Kerry O'Boyle's choice to buy broader T. Rowe Price target funds in Coverdells for his sons. Laura Pavlenko Lutton, meanwhile, had a couple of Vanguard-managed 529 accounts for her boys. Everybody has stuck to plan except Andrew Gogerty. For his daughter's Coverdell he decided on  Keeley Small Cap Value (KSCVX) instead of his original plan--a broad T. Rowe Price fund. After thinking over the choices, he realized that taking a more targeted approach--over a 20-year period--had a worthy risk/reward trade-off.

This article will concentrate on general investments analysts have made recently, largely in retirement accounts.

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