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Morningstar Moments: Cheap Stocks and Bond Fund Struggles

How sustainable are your shopping habits? You are about to find out.


Market Sell-Off Bargains
Infamously one of the most overvalued sectors at the beginning of the year, there are now some affordable opportunities in technology. Other undervalued areas include communications and energy, while real estate, consumer defensive, and utilities remain in overvalued territory. Dave Sekera explores each sector to find where investors can get the most for their buck.  

Bond Funds Take a Beating
Between inflation and the anticipated series of interest-rate increases, bonds investors are getting hit left and right. Typically, short-term bond funds as well as corporate bonds and high-yield bond funds, can provide a bit of a cushion to the blow of rising rates, but even they are feeling the heat. Bank-loan funds are holding their head above water the best of them all.  

Costco’s Carbon Footprint
Shareholders banded together and used their voices to successfully vote on the side of sustainability. In a new plan, Costco (COST) is now required to measure the emissions generated by the farmers who grew the wheat or cotton. Read more about how this will help make a positive impact in the climate crisis.  

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