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Morningstar Moments: Sustainable Company Names and Inflation Updates

Dive into our latest research on the racial wealth gap.

1) The Best of the Best

A wide moat can set a company apart from the rest. Pair that with a low ESG risk score, and you have a solid combination for a long-term investment. To make it simple for you, Leslie Norton highlighted 46 sustainable companies worth watching.  

But wait--there's more. Here is the entire list of the best companies to own in 2022.  

2) Inflation’s Still on the Rise

In December, the Consumer Price Index rose 7.0%. This was the largest 12-month rise for inflation since 1982. Long story short, inflation is still here but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It will just take some time. Here is what you need to know for now.  

Stay prepared for inflation with our tool kit 

3) The Racial Wealth Gap

In the latest installation of Morningstar’s exploration into the racial wealth gap, Keith Reid-Cleveland examines the impact of the racial divide in four areas: income, homeownership, student loan debt, and savings rates. In a series of 11 charts, he shares key statistics about the racial inequality in the United States.  

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