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Weekly Wrap: Ironically Good Companies, Top Manager Retires, and Stock of the Week

And practicing gratitude.

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In this week’s Our Picks column, I looked at companies that one might call “ironically good”: companies that have built significant competitive advantages despite the poor decisions their managers have made when it comes to balance sheets, investments, and shareholder distributions. Specifically, 13 companies that our analysts cover earn wide or narrow Morningstar Economic Moat Ratings and poor Morningstar Capital Allocation Ratings

To no one’s surprise, management at Wells Fargo makes the list of poor capital allocators. Senior analyst Eric Compton argues that management’s lack of investment in internal risk monitoring and operation controls--and its foot-dragging on improving the bank’s internal regulatory shortcomings--have destroyed shareholder value. Nonetheless, we think the bank possesses a stable, wide moat based on its cost advantages and switching costs. See the irony? To find out what other companies made our list, check out the column.

Funds and Key-Person Risk

Speaking of managers--and in this case, an exceptional one--Fidelity revealed this week that Joel Tillinghast, the longtime skipper of Fidelity Low-Priced Stock (FLPSX), will retire in late 2023. Tillinghast has led the fund since 1989 and is regarded as one of the industry’s best value investors. After Morningstar awarded Tillinghast an Outstanding Portfolio Manager award in 2021, he shared some lessons learned during our annual conference. My favorite: “The biggest learning of the pandemic is that I’m an idiot.” Hardly! But his modesty is refreshing in an industry rife with self-proclaimed gurus.

We’ve placed our Morningstar Analyst Rating for Fidelity Low-Priced Stock under review as our analysts digest the news. We don’t always change our ratings because of fund manager departures--many factors come into play. But just a few months ago, we identified the fund as one of four facing significant key-person risk, noting that the fund’s reliance on Tillinghast makes its future uncertain after he departs. In fact, the firm is home to several terrific stock-pickers--including Fidelity Contrafund’s (FCNTX) Will Danoff and Fidelity Growth Company’s (FDGRX) Steve Wymer--who put their own unique stamp on their funds, thereby making it more challenging to replace them when they eventually move on.  

Stock of the Week

Where do we turn when our favorite brand of detergent becomes too expensive or ground beef gets too pricey? Evidently, to Walmart. Walmart (WMT) reported solid third-quarter results as shoppers sought lower prices as inflation continued to pinch pocketbooks.

“Walmart’s purchasing power and cost leverage are unparalleled, in our view, and so the company should be in a better position to secure products economically than smaller rivals,” says analyst Zain Akbari in his stock analyst update. “The inflationary environment provides some cover for the retail juggernaut to boost prices as well, particularly as customers look to the gaps between Walmart’s pricing and that of its rivals.”

Although Akbari says we plan to modestly raise our fair value estimate on the wide-moat retailer’s stock, shares nevertheless look about fairly valued to us.


This is the last issue of Smart Investor before Thanksgiving, which ushers in a season of giving. It’s a time to find our good and act on it. That may mean giving your time to a food bank. Or sharing your special talents with a senior center. Or supporting the charitable acts of the children in your life, whatever they may be. 

It may also mean donating money to causes that matter to you. This week, my colleague Christine Benz shared her pointers for how to check up on a charity to make sure your dollars are being effectively spent. She’s also shared charitable strategies to pursue--such as donating appreciated stock, contributing to a donor-advised fund, or making a qualified charitable distribution from an IRA--that, in addition to helping others, may also yield tax benefits to you. 

I hope readers in the U.S. have a lovely Thanksgiving.

--Susan Dziubinski

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