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Sustainability Matters

Climate Summit Gets 'Positive' Grade So Far, Sustainalytics Founder Says, Notwithstanding Worries About Broken Promises

Finance industry's net-zero aims are 'aspirational,' not greenwashing, Jantzi says.

Climate summits are often followed by broken promises. But with a warming globe, staying optimistic and securing new pledges are critical goals for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP26. Michael Jantzi, founder of Sustainalytics, has avidly watched the COP26 proceedings. He tentatively gives this summit a good grade, including the financial industry participants who are attending. “For all the continuing flaws of finance, when there’s an opportunity to be had, they can move with real speed” to help borrowers and issuers substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Jantzi says. This conversation with Jantzi took place after the COP26 financial day. The following excerpts were condensed and edited for clarity and style.