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Morningstar Investment Conference: Keynote With Kunal Kapoor

Morningstar's CEO kicks off the 2021 hybrid event that brings together some of the financial industry’s top minds.

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Kunal Kapoor: Hello, everyone, welcome. It's awesome to welcome you to our conference. This year, when I was dropping my daughter off to her first day at school, she said to me that she had butterflies in her stomach. And I told her this morning that I too had butterflies in my stomach, because when was the last time, I stood up in front of so many people to do a presentation, I too have gotten used to speaking into a camera without anyone in front of me. So this is a relearning experience. But I'm so glad you're all here, we have about 2,000 plus people joining this conference. 700 of you here in person about, 1,400 digitally. And maybe it's just a small step back towards normalcy. So thank you, whether you're here in person, or whether you're joining us digitally, it's just great to be sharing this time with you. I also hope obviously that you and your families have come through this really tough period, safely, and are healthy. What a ride it's been? Right.

Amazing when you sort of step back and take stock of it. And all I'd say is that the past 19 months, have really shown the best side of financial advice from my perspective. People talk about the fact that creativity loves constraints. Research has shown in fact that when you put constraints in front of people, it provides focus, and it motivates them to generate new ideas. And I think our profession has done that, relationships have been tested, you've had to find new ways to interact with your clients. And yet, if you look at the data, retention rates are as high as they've been, the value of your advice is shining through brightly. And so at a time when the pandemic wasn't just threatening people's health, but threatening, in many cases, their financial security. It's just really impressive how you all found new ways to first of all care for your clients, and then connect with your clients. And so congratulations on that. And whether you're here or joining us digitally, I just want to say thank you, and congratulations for making it through. Thank you for innovating, learning, and growing with us. And thank you for bringing investors your best. We're really proud to empower investors in a post pandemic age. And we're going to use this conference to certainly reflect on the past, but also really start to chart a path to the future.

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