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How the Biggest and Best Funds Fared After the Crash

A look at how some notable U.S. equity funds have navigated the market's style and size reversals over the past year.

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It's been quite a turnaround for U.S. stocks and the funds that own them since the market's March 23, 2020, bottom. The coronavirus pandemic sell-off, in which the Morningstar US Market Extended Index fell 35% in only 23 trading days, gave way to a rapid recovery and even higher market peaks. In the year since the bottom, the benchmark gained more than 85%.

Not every corner of the market took the same path upward. Although growth stocks, especially large caps, held up relatively well in the crash and then benefited from lockdowns and ultralow interest rates, the small-value Morningstar Category has outperformed since Pfizer (PFE) and BioNTech (BNTX) announced successful COVID-19 vaccine results on Monday, Nov. 9, 2020.

Alec Lucas has a position in the following securities mentioned above: AOFAX, PFE, AMRMX, DODGX, OAKLX. Find out about Morningstar’s editorial policies.