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Special Report

Morningstar's 2019 Portfolio Makeover Week

Christine Benz helps investors check their progress, assess allocations, target holes and overlap, and upgrade their holdings.

Monday, Nov. 18
Retired Couple Aim to Live Their Best Life Without Fear of Running Out
A strong market has propelled the portfolio of this retired couple, but what if the next decade isn't as good?

Tuesday, Nov. 19
Young 'Supersaver' Balances Near-Term Goals Against Long-Term Priorities
In a pricey housing market, early career savers grapple with balancing retirement savings alongside their goal of owning a home.

Wednesday, Nov. 20
Pre-Retirees Ask: Can We Retire?
With retirement on the horizon, a couple checks up on the viability of their plan.

Thursday, Nov. 21
Making Retirement Work on a Tight Budget
With seven to 10 years to go until retirement, a pre-retiree assesses what adjustments are in order.

Friday, Nov. 22 
Multitaskers Get Serious About Retirement Funding
With three kids and a single income, it's time to create a portfolio that can address this young family's multiple goals.

Note: Names and other potentially identifying details in the following makeovers have been changed to protect the investors' privacy. Makeovers are not intended to be individualized investment advice, but rather to illustrate possible portfolio strategies that investors should consider in the full context of their own financial situations.