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Pimco's Take on Today's Market

Morningstar Rising Talent award winner Mohit Mittal discusses how the coronavirus may impact the economy in 2021.

Editor’s note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

Miriam Sjoblom: Hi, I'm Miriam Sjoblom, director of fixed income Manager Research at Morningstar. I'm joined today remotely by Pimco's Mohit Mittal. Mohit is the 2020 winner of Morningstar's Rising Talent Award for Investing Excellence. He oversees Pimco's corporate credit trading desks for the U.S. and emerging markets. He also manages a variety of multisector and corporate bond strategies, including comanaging the Pimco Investment Grade Credit Fund. And starting in December 2019, he became a comanager on Pimco Total Return.