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Special Report

Your Inflation Toolkit

How to think about inflation, your money, and your investments.

Inflation continues to stress pocketbooks—and investors—in 2022. The June CPI number (which is based on a basket of products that include gasoline, food, and healthcare) rose 9.1% from a year ago—remaining at 40-year highs.

“The June report will almost certainly mark the peak in inflation, as food and energy prices are set to fall sharply in next month’s report,” says Morningstar’s chief U.S. economist Preston Caldwell.

In this special report, Morningstar’s experts discuss how to think about inflation today, examine your own personal inflation rate, and safeguard against inflation’s corrosive effect on your investments.

What Is Inflation?

We also explain deflation, disinflation, and stagflation.

Did the June CPI Number Mark Peak Inflation?

While inflation hit a 41-year high in June, falling food and energy costs should ease the pain in July.

What to Invest In During High Inflation

These inflation hedges can help protect your portfolio.

Grading the Inflation Hedges

A big win for commodities funds. Crypto, not so much.

Cash as an Inflation Hedge: Revisited

The advantages of playing it safe.

The Real Problem With Inflation

It erodes not only wealth but also trust.

How Much Does High Inflation Really Affect Retirees?

The answer depends on healthcare costs, Social Security benefits, and your own financial circumstances.

How Worried Should You Be About Inflation?

Your personal spending and inflation rate likely vary from the Consumer Price Index.

TIPS Versus I Bonds

I Bonds boast tax advantages, but purchase limits reduce appeal.

How Inflation Affects Your Paycheck

Learn how rising prices are likely impacting how far you can stretch your cash.

Are Annuities a Good Idea in a High-Inflation Environment?

While some annuities offer inflation protection, it may not be worth the cost. Here’s why.

When Higher Inflation Meets Your Withdrawal Rate

While few are predicting a 1970s-style inflation spiral, it’s still worth thinking through how inflation could affect your plan.

What Rising Inflation Means for Your Portfolio

Continued higher inflation would have far-reaching implications for portfolio diversification, but there’s no need to panic.

Is Your Portfolio Protected Against Inflation?

Inflation protection is more concerning for some investors than others.

For Retirees, When Inflation Arrives Is as Important as Its Magnitude

A look at retirees, inflation, and sequencing risk.

What Are TIPS, and How Do They Help Protect Against Inflation?

A quick look at the benefits and risks of Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, and the best way to invest in them.

For Inflation Protection, Commodities Belong in the ‘Too Hard’ Pile

On the pitfalls of defending against the slow, corrosive effects of inflation with an incredibly volatile asset.

The Best Inflation-Fighting Investments for Retirees

In-retirement portfolios should include a blend of inflation hedges and inflation beaters.